The End

My Film Stills exhibit at Cowboys & Angels came down today and my studio is now a bit smaller from all the work that came back. Big thanks to everyone who stopped by to see it! I am also grateful for Marisa McCarthy and her team’s hard work in putting up the show (they only did EVERYTHING).

What follows are the works that for some reason or another didn’t make it into the show:


I really liked this one but technical difficulties stopped me from putting this in the show. This painting was made when I was experimenting with several different glazing techniques. In the end, the painting yellowed from the linseed oil and clumps of dust particles got embedded into the surface. Apologies to my lovely and handsome models, Leilani Joy and Ilya Petushkov. I will get around to redoing this painting someday.

1:16:40 and 1:22:07

Marisa and I decided that down syndrome girls in straight jackets and women with external fetuses were things that people don’t want to see while they’re getting their hair cut. The fetus painting was the last painting I finished that fits in the film series. It’s a bit of stretch for the whole “autobiographical statement” I came up with. I don’t think I’ve ever quite reached these levels of insanity* or derangement* (can’t say these two words without doing a Werner Herzog impression).

And that’s it for the pieces that were considered but didn’t make the cut! For a fuller look at this series of paintings please visit my flickr page. If you’d like to see the painting “1:16:40” being made, check out the painting sequence from my October 2009 entry on

I’ll leave you with a work in progress. I got a lot of positive feedback about the Yeoman Rand painting at Cowboys & Angels. The piece below will follow the same color and design aspects. In this photo, the painting kind of resembles a gigantic Polaroid.

Untitled work in progress

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