Notes from the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

I’m glad I made it to The Matter Within: New Contemporary Art of India exhibition at YBCA before it closed. Unlike previous museum visit posts, this was a contemporary show, so you will see more of my gut reactions to the pieces. There was no painting or drawing in the entire show which was a little disappointing. There was however a point of interest in the exhibit’s two-dimensional works as many of them were inspired by motion pictures. I found that many of the artists referenced the art form of film to aid their statements about identity.

Is Siddhartha a common name in India? I was thinking that the American equivalent would be something like Jesus Jones.

This was a series of photographs with a chair/neon light installation. La Jetée and 12 Monkeys rank pretty high on my favorite movie list, so this was exciting to see. I chose to draw the image that I could place with both films.

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