Piece by piece

Here is the latest piece in my collage series. I decided that the body of work should follow a narrative to give direction to subsequent pieces. The latest landscape collages have been informed by the novels of H.G. Wells. War of the Worlds may be an obvious connection but I was most inspired by The Time Machine. It was chilling to follow the time traveler and find out that the  faults of mankind could be seen hundreds of thousands of years into the future.

I often glue the pieces to the structures together before pasting them into the format. This makes it easier to compose the scene without fully committing to the placement of elements within the picture. I regret stating that these collages “simply grew” in an earlier post. It turns out there is nothing simple about it.

3 thoughts on “Piece by piece

  1. Pardon the language, but HG Wells scared the hell out of me, most especially the “The Time Machine”. Imagery of the second picture is absolutely fantastic. What incredible patience! Do you also use an x-acto knife for the finer cuts? (I use the #11 for some of my stuff). Would you mind if I borrowed your concept to explore an idea of my own?

    • Hi Pat. Sure you can borrow the concept for your own work. I have done my share of borrowing for this series. I usually use an x-acto knife to cut out small areas like windows. These cuts are used to blend different pieces together with more subtlety.

  2. I love the time machine! But I’ve never read it only saw the old and new movie versions (I like the older movie better which my dad introduced me to). Are the skies suppose to seem less blended here? They have a torn feeling to them, scary… I like the city on the bottom but maybe the horizon line could have been lower to add more impact and dramatize the sky. Yeah I love x-acto knifes I use them all the time! 🙂

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